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May 22, 2014 Kelly Robbins

Boston’s Urban Parks: Part 1 ~ South End

bostonparkIt’s finally warming up in Boston and I’d bet I’m not the only urban Mom breathing a huge sigh of relief.  Of course, living in downtown Boston has enormous benefits for young families including access to amazing museums, cultural activities and easy walks to most everything.  However, living in a Boston condo means most of us sacrifice the square footage a single family home provides, so ‘cabin fever’ takes on a whole new meaning! Now that summer is almost here, we can finally get out those scooters and explore our urban backyards a.k.a. playgrounds.  Here’s a quick guide to some of my favorite downtown spots.

South End

Peter’s Park:  Washington Ave between E. Berkeley and Waltham

Peter’s Park is a great spot for scooter riding with large paved almost flat loops to practice with the little ones.  Bring your chalk for drawing and enjoy the two jungle gyms and a large ‘spiderweb’ like climbing structure.  There’s a baseball field as well, so bring your bat and ball and practice hitting and catching like the Red Sox!

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Ringgold Park:  Ringgold Street

Conveniently nestled in the ‘8 Streets’ area of the South End, Ringgold is a recently renovated charming park.  While the jungle gym is geared towards the older kids, there is a separately fenced area ideal for smaller toddlers with a play house, swings and a see-saw.

 When its hot, cool down under the fountain!  Kids bring their pails, cups and other water toys and have a blast in the water.  If you work up an appetite, Picco is a short walk on Tremont offering some of the city’s best Pizza and ice cream.

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Boston-20130420-01023Titus Sparrow Park:  200 W Newton Street

Titus Sparrow offers grassy hills for running and a generously sized jungle gym for climbing, sliding and swinging.  Bring your digger trucks for the sand box.  Check out their page on Facebook for information on fantastic summer concerts.  Bring a picnic and let the little ones dance.  They also host holiday events for Easter and Halloween.

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Ellis Memorial Playground:  Chandler Street

Is your little one obsessed with trains?  Ellis Memorial Children’s Park is a great cozy place to play and watch trains pass by.

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Published by Kelly Robbins May 22, 2014