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Feb 13, 2017 Michael DiMella

5 Ways You Can Use Tile to Upgrade Your Boston Home

Let’s face it – you want your house to stand out, as far as its market appeal is concerned, but this is often easier said than done. You want it to stick in the mind of those who visit it as a beautiful property but potentially also as a place to call home to potential buyers.

Here are 5 ways you can use the art of tiling to transform your home:

Fill in dull fireplaces

Unused fireplaces are becoming more and more common in homes across the globe, as the need for a traditional fire continues to decrease – giving way to more eco-friendly means of keeping warm. With this in mind, why not add something to your hearth that actually adds value to your home?

Trade the darkness that accompanies an unused fireplace for a chance to experiment with some brighter, cosier colors. Soft nudes and stark whites in particular have the power to make a room feel much bigger – an effect that’s sure to appeal to any prospective buyers – and by exploring the potential of decorative tiles in pale shades, you can create a desirable and distinctive new feature in your living room. You can change the tiles all by yourself as it not a difficult job as long as you have picked the best tiles, tile leveling systems and have various other materials such as sand, cement and handfull set of hand to help you. 

Tile your table tops

If you really want to make an impact on those taking an interest in your property, try injecting your own touch of style by displaying tiled table tops in your entryway. This unique approach to furniture will create an immediate and lasting impression, helping to set your home apart from whatever else is out there – as well as adding a welcome personal touch that will make it easier for potential buyers to imagine themselves living in your property.

Get smart with color

Your kitchen shouldn’t be thought of on a purely functional basis. For most buyers, the kitchen is an area of the house where they’ll inevitably spend an awful lot of time – making it all the more important that you use this as a prime opportunity to bump up your home’s value. Introduce a decorative feature wall made from high-quality kitchen wall tiles in soft, light colors to create the illusion of additional space – or go for some deeper, richer shades if you’d like to create a cosy atmosphere in your property. The right colour palette can leave the right buyer prepared to bend their budget to benefit you.

Think from the ground up

Whether you’d like your home to evoke a sense of tradition or serve as a shrine to contemporary interior design, finding a complementary flooring solution is vital – and when it comes to tiles, there are options available to suit all tastes. From traditional flagstones to tiles that mimic hardwood, it’s all about creating a cohesive design theme across your home and achieving a look that buyers will struggle to find elsewhere. And it isn’t the most challenging thing to achieve a look like this, for sometimes, all it requires is the best disc sander to smoothen out some jutting ends to provide appeal. 

Whichever way you go, tiled floors add value as long-lasting, low-maintenance and attractive flooring options. Better yet, the range of available styles means that tiles can blend seamlessly with all kinds of interior design and architecture.

Get outdoors

We all value the time we get to spend outdoors, when the weather permits it. When you’re thinking about adding monetary value to your property, investing in new outdoor furniture is a great place to start. Adding exciting tiled features to the outdoor areas of your home not only creates an ideal area for get-togethers, but will also make a big impression on any interested parties before they’ve even stepped through the front door!

From indoor feature walls to gorgeous garden design, there are tons of diverse and impactful ways to introduce tiles throughout your home and add a little something extra to the price of your property. The key is to get creative and look for simple and effective ways to enhance the best parts of your home, giving prospective buyers no option but to fall in love with your living space.

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Tiles Direct is one of the UK’s largest independent tile distributors and retailers, bringing design inspiration to homeowners, architects and developers.

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Published by Michael DiMella February 13, 2017