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Mar 15, 2022 Pat Bradley

Andrea Martel Promoted to Associate Director

CHARLESGATE is excited to announce the promotion of Andrea Martel to Associate Director of Property Management. 

Andrea joined the CHARLESGATE team in 2021 as a senior property manager with an extensive background in the multifamily world. Andrea joined the team at One Chestnut Place as CHARLESGATE took over management of the Quincy, Mass. property, and her presence made an immediate impact. Since she came onboard, Andrea has leaned into providing guidance to other property managers. That leadership did not go unnoticed and has been an invaluable asset to the property management team.

“When we hired Andrea, it was not only as site manager for property, but for her growth as a leader and her desire to be a part of our growth. Over the past eight months, she’s consistently exceeded expectations and become a true leader on the multifamily side of business,” said Todd Mikelonis, Senior Director of Property Management. “From working with current property managers to helping with issues at properties and stabilizing challenging situations as a result of operating through COVID, Andrea has worked with the team to improve our process at a great rate.

“She’s served as a mentor and leader with newer managers, and this earned promotion just formalizes a role she has stepped into and consistently performed in over the past several months.” 

For Andrea, she’s simply excited to formally continue helping CHARLESGATE and her teammates grow.

“Adding Casey [Patterson] and I into this role is going to help CHARLESGATE progress in its growth because there’s additional resources and additional support. And I think when a team has support and guidance and multiple people they can go to to help close a task or get something off the table, it’s only going to help us grow,” Andrea said. “It’ll help with customer service, not only to tenants but to the owners, and it’ll make us shine as a team as we’re drawing in more clientele.”

With this and a flurry of other new hires and promotions at CHARLESGATE recently, there’s been a clear theme: investing in resources and support for employees. Andrea sees it as a major difference maker.

“I personally think that that’s what sets CHARLESGATE apart from its competitors,” she said. “A lot of competing companies are not about employees first, and CHARLESGATE is about employees first and that shows because people are happy. They’re willing to invest in us because they know if they invest in their employees they’re going to grow. They have people happy to work for them who know if they put in the time and effort and energy they’re going to grow right alongside CHARLESGATE.

“It’s really lovely to be a part of a company that notices people, that notices their employees, that notices your self worth. It’s amazing.”

Interested in joining the CHARLESGATE team? We’re hiring! Check out our careers page today to learn more about our open positions.

Published by Pat Bradley March 15, 2022