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Mar 16, 2022 Pat Bradley

Casey Patterson Promoted to Associate Director

CHARLESGATE is excited to announce the promotion of Casey Patterson to Associate Director of Property Management. 

Casey joined the team in 2020 as a senior property manager after CHARLESGATE acquired dotprop, Casey’s Cambridge, Mass.-based property management company. With dotprop, Casey specialized in management services for condominium associations and investment properties in Cambridge and Somerville, Mass. With her experience both in the industry and as a business owner, she instantly made an impact with the CHARLESGATE team upon her arrival.

“Over the past year, Casey has really worked to bring a lot of value and input as a leader to our team and business,” said Todd Mikelonis, Senior Director of Property Management at CHARLESGATE. “More recently, she’s done a tremendous job stepping up and being a leader on the multifamily side of the business and is helping to promote positive change and process implementation, all while working with other property managers to offer support and guidance while navigating the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Casey serves as a great resource from an experience standpoint and has consistently been a leader in terms of client satisfaction." 

For Casey, she’s relished the opportunity to get back to her roots while still providing the expert-level service to both clients and colleagues she’s accustomed to from her time as a business owner. 

“Once you’re a business leader, have fun ever shutting that off,” she said with a laugh. But jokes aside, getting back to basics was key. 

“Any time you’re coming into a new company you need to know how it works from the ground up if you’re going to be remotely helpful,” she said. “When you own a company, you do everything from business tax filing to unemployment and more – all the stuff that can distract you from base customer service. It was a good grounding to get back to what I do.”

It was that service-based leadership mentality she dove back into naturally that’s provided such a benefit to the entire property management team. 

“Part of it dates back to owning the company. We’re all one team, so the reality of interconnectedness matters,” she explained. “There’s a big ripple effect and there’s a benefit to the team aspect of how we run things: on one hand, it’s just genuinely good business to support your team. Kindness is good capitalism.

“But on the other hand, I have a genuine desire to help people and watch them succeed. On a human side you should be good to people. Happy people do good work. Rested people do good work. People who are focusing on their strengths do good work. There’s a ripple effect on everybody.”

In her new role, Casey’s looking forward to further assisting her teammates and helping CHARLESGATE continue to flourish. 

“I’m significantly underbothered,” she joked, adding that she hopes to be “bothered” more because it means her colleagues have a trusted resource. “Property management can be stressful work, and it’s nice to be able to swivel your chair around and have somebody to bounce ideas off of.”

Ultimately, it’s the amount of teamwork and collaboration at CHARLESGATE that she enjoys the most and is aiming to continue providing.

“When you have the official title, people are more willing to come to you,” she explained. “And I want to be there for them.”

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Published by Pat Bradley March 16, 2022