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Mar 17, 2022 Pat Bradley

Jared Clement Promoted to Newly-Created Leasing Brokerage Manager Role

CHARLESGATE is excited to announce the promotion of Jared Clement to a newly-created role, Leasing Brokerage Manager. 

Jared joined CHARLESGATE in early 2021 and quickly jumped into general leasing brokerage projects. Most notably he led the immensely successful 75-unit lease-up of 90o in the highly-competitive rental market in Revere Beach.

“Jared came aboard for opportunities and growth. He joined CHARLESGATE with experience as a leasing manager in previous roles, and as we’ve continued to grow at a fast pace, he has quickly stepped into a leadership role,” said Todd Mikelonis, Senior Director of Property Management. “We’re very excited for him to continue our growth, and really exceed what has generally been acceptable industry standards for leasing in the market – as well as bring that service to more and more CHARLESGATE clients in Eastern Massachusetts.”

The new Leasing Brokerage Manager role is designed to provide more support for agents on CHARLESGATE’s leasing projects, grow the onboarding support for newer agents, and accelerate growth and process for everyone involved to continue providing the stellar, consistent service we’re known for providing. He’ll also be charged with recruiting new agents for the multifamily leasing business unit.

“I’m thrilled to have the new position,” Jared began, “and it just shows that even when you’re not necessarily looking to promote yourself, CHARLESGATE is thinking about it for you. It’s nice when hard work pays off.”

Thrilled is an understatement when it comes to Jared’s feelings about being in the position to help his colleagues – especially newer, greener agents – find success in the industry.

“It’s really about getting younger agents’ feet under them. We’re taking people under our wing, giving them a place to launch from, and coaching them,” he explained. “A great place to start is in rentals. We have a high volume and do them efficiently, so it’s a great way to get your feet wet and get the whole process down quickly. This new role is hopefully expediting the pace at which newer agents can find success and earn a living.”

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Jared is also happy simply to see the company growing and continually investing in its people. 

“To me it kind of proves the success CHARLESGATE’s having,” he explained. “As we’re looking to grow, they’re putting a backbone system in place to help that growth happen. It’s a great sign of the success they’re having that they’re not just willing but able to put in the structure to make sure we're always supporting employees.”

Beyond the success of the company, Jared noted the importance of the people CHARLESGATE employs and the culture they’ve fostered.

“I love the people the most,” he shared. “I interviewed with P.T. (Vineburgh, Founding Partner) and Mike (DiMella, Managing Partner) in my original interview and shared my goals, and they’ve backed me, helped me to achieve success at higher levels, and invested in me. I feel like they actually care about me.”

Jared’s story is certainly a roadmap to follow, but it was his hard work that led to his new role.

“It’s super empowering to be here,” he said. “I was given buildings and lease-ups to prove myself on, and after having successfully leased those buildings I was rewarded. It’s great to be at a company where you get recognized and rewarded for the work you put into it.”

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Published by Pat Bradley March 17, 2022