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Mar 23, 2022 Pat Bradley

Ross Orlando Promoted to Newly-Created Client Experience Manager Role

CHARLESGATE is proud to announce the promotion of Ross Orlando to the newly-created Client Experience Manager position. 

In his new role, Ross will be focusing on a few key areas critical to the success and growth of CHARLESGATE employees and clients: new client onboarding and offboarding, new employee onboarding and training on the property management team, and the development and improvement of processes for the property management team.

“Ross has always expressed a desire to learn and work with others. As we’ve grown over the past two years in general, Ross has stepped up and been a leader in welcoming and working with new employees at CHARLESGATE to ensure they have a positive experience,” said Todd Mikelonis, Senior Director of Property Management. “More recently as growth has accelerated, Ross has shifted his role to helping new property management team members get acclimated and settled as quickly as possible, and get the training and support that they need, as well as doing the same with new clients we onboard to ensure a terrific and seamless experience.

“Ross thrives when helping people,” Mikelonis continued. “He has a huge desire to support his teammates and have people have a positive experience, both in onboarding as new clients or as a new employee. He has an attention to detail and real desire to provide a great experience for folks. Any time there’s an opportunity to step across an aisle to bridge communication, Ross is the first to volunteer to do that. He has a genuine desire to create a great team environment.” 

Ross joined CHARLESGATE about five years ago in a temporary position, was brought on full time a few months later in an assistant property manager role, and then was promoted again in 2018 to property manager. His perspective, input, and thoughtfulness have been pivotal to CHARLESGATE’s growth during his tenure. 

“I’m excited to be involved in shaping how business comes into the company,” Ross said. “Being here for five years, I know the players and everyone involved at this point, so helping tailor the onboarding experience on both a client and an internal side to be the best of both worlds is something I’m excited to try my hand at doing.”

He’s excited to see this new role come to fruition, specifically because of the foundation and stability it provides his teammates and our clients. 

“We want to give our clients the best service possible,” Ross explained. “We accomplish that by A) bringing the right people into the role but B) by providing them with the right groundwork to jump off from in order to hit ground running, and understanding CHARLESGATE and its culture –  as well as its goals and mission in service to our client base and future clients.

“There’s a lot of importance on the onboarding side. We give our clients the best experience when we give them property managers who are comfortable and know what they’re doing in their role, at this company, and at that property.”

Building that all-important foundation starts with people who care, and Ross is certainly a perfect example of that. But it’s the people who’ve surrounded him during his time at CHARLESGATE that he gives the credit to.

“I never really saw myself ending up in real estate, to be honest. But what’s kept me here over the years is the people I work with,” Ross explained. “What I value most in a workplace is working with people who are on the same page as you, are collaborative, and are there to support one another. And I’ve found here at CHARLESGATE that it’s always been the people that keep me coming back to a field I never saw myself ending up in. That’s what I’ve loved the most, is them.”

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Published by Pat Bradley March 23, 2022