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Mar 14, 2022 Pat Bradley

Todd Mikelonis Promoted to Senior Director of Property Management

CHARLESGATE is proud to announce that Todd Mikelonis has been promoted to Senior Director of Property Management. Todd joined CHARLESGATE in 2004 shortly after its inception and has been making an impact across the company ever since. 

In his new role, Todd will lead the entire property management department, allowing the company to operate seamlessly across all business units. He is responsible for overseeing CHARLESGATE’s multifamily management, HOA management, leasing, capital project and construction management, and its services teams.

“Todd has been a critical member of CHARLESGATE since soon after our inception. Over that time he has been one of our most valuable team members and leaders – and has been instrumental in our growth as well as in delivering a world class customer experience for our clients,” said Michael DiMella, Managing Partner. “As we've grown, Todd has taken on more and more responsibilities and empowered our organization and team to more success every step of the way. I'm excited to have him lead even more growth into the future as the Senior Director of CHARLESGATE property management.”

Todd is most looking forward to a continued effort to create seamless processes for CHARLESGATE’s staff and clients. 

“The ability to work together as a team and continue to improve our processes will help us elevate,” Todd said. “In life and in business, not every day is going to be perfect. But I’m always trying to inspire our team to be better everyday, and that’s our mantra.”

It’s the continued versatility of CHARLESGATE that has motivated Todd through the years. 

“It’s our ability to be able to grow and maintain a level of flexibility in the type of business we do with our clients,” he explained. “We can still manage individual units while providing excellent service for anywhere from 20- to 75-unit properties. We’re not too big for the little clients, but we’re also working with the large-scale clients and not pushing mid-size guys to the side. That’s what excites me.

“We have identified and turned around properties that are between 20-100 units. There are only a handful of management companies that operate in those units, and our service is better. The service expectation from those clients is high, and we’ve raised the bar. They want a level of sophistication that a mom-and-pop agency can’t provide, but that demographic is too small for the larger companies. We’ve utilized our portfolio in the city to be able to effectively manage those properties. We’re continually winning that demo in Eastern Massachusetts and providing the best service possible.”

But beyond the client work, Todd is excited by the investment in people CHARLESGATE has made. 

“At CHARLESGATE, people have an opportunity to grow a real, true career path to break into property management and work their way up,” he said. “And we do it differently than traditional management companies. You’re exposed to so much more. We see a lot more than smaller shops because we managing larger properties, but we also manage smaller properties across Eastern Massachusetts and work to fix standards and processes that are traditionally broken on the institutional side of the industry.”

In short, Todd’s feelings can be summed up as such: It’s a great time to be at CHARLESGATE.

“It’s exciting right now. You want to be a part of something that is going somewhere. Our growth has been very fast and very organic, but it’s a collaborative environment,” he said. “New people have a stake in shaping the environment. It’s a start-up, scale-up, interchangeable environment and we want to continue that for the foreseeable future. It’s not just for 2022 – it’s our philosophy, and that’s the inclusive environment we want to have.”

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Published by Pat Bradley March 14, 2022