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May 31, 2022 Pat Bradley

Why CHARLESGATE Is Boston's Best Property Management Company

At CHARLESGATE, there’s a reason we’re Boston’s most comprehensive real estate services team. 

It starts with our vision: to inspire and empower our clients, team, and communities through comprehensive real estate solutions.

We lean on our core principles of good ethics, strong relationships, and better results. 

And with our deep, local roots and a sophisticated presence as a recognized Boston-based real estate services team, we’ve got you covered – no matter what you need. 

But that’s what makes us, us. What makes us right for you as a property management company boils down to a lot of things, but today we’re going to highlight three of the bigger pillars of what makes us a valued, trusted partner to our clients.


One of our biggest strengths is cross-departmental communication. 

It’s not uncommon to see different departments at different companies just stick to their own buckets and never reach across the aisle, but nothing could be further from the truth at CHARLESGATE. 

As we’ve grown over the past few years, we’ve doubled down on internal communication to keep this finely-tuned machine cranking along, all in the name of serving our customers better. We understand that all it takes is one person not getting the information they need for a breakdown to happen. 

That’s why from leadership on down, we focus on the cohesiveness of the teams that are involved in everything we do. Everyone works closely together and is very open about what needs to be done to drive success for our clients. 

We truly stress a constant communication model. Whether that communication is with tenants, owners, trustees, or someone else, we focus on being proactive and avoiding breakdowns in communication. 

When you put communication first, you win. And when we’re winning, it means our clients are too. 

One-Stop Shopping For Property Management Services and Beyond

CHARLESGATE isn’t just a property management company – we offer a broad array of services that meet the real estate needs of our clients in a variety of ways. 

Beyond our Homeowners Association Management and Multifamily Management services, we also offer portfolio and investment property management, and we’re a brokerage helping tenants buy, sell, and lease their dream homes. We offer large scale project work, project manage renovation and capital expense projects, and we consult and get data-driven wins while helping developers during construction and lease-up/sell out of their new development properties. We even offer landscaping and snow removal services. 

That’s the beauty of CHARLESGATE – with so many services offered under one roof, your entire portfolio of needs is organized under one umbrella company making your life easier. Plus, this type of broad service offering means not only do we have extensive expertise in several different areas, but we’re also going to keep communication streamlined and have your work be completed as efficiently as possible. 

You get the capability of a national real estate chain, with the local know-how and personalization of a small, boutique agency. 

Flexibility and Adaptability

One of the reasons we’re as efficient as we are is that we have a ton of flexibility and adaptability in regard to our staff. One example of this is how we structure career paths for our team compared to bigger, national real estate companies that treat leasing as an entry-level position to grow out of. Instead of that mindset, we treat leasing as its own career, which means that when you need someone to lease your building, you’re getting a seasoned profession from our highly-incentivized team whose purpose is to align with your ownership goals.

Even our property managers enter as hybrid hires and work on both the multifamily and condominium association sides of the business, and they all come with a variety of personalities and experiences. This means that we don’t have to just assign a property to a manager simply because they have the bandwidth for it, but rather we can get a feel for what matters to our customers, find the right manager with the perfect combination of style and expertise, and match them to a property and situation that’s perfect for everyone involved. 

That flexibility also means that if your building doesn’t need, for example, two full-time equivalent property managers, but rather one FTE and a part-time person would make due, we can split the time of our managers between properties to better adapt to your needs and also reduce the cost you pay based on the work that is dedicated to you. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Plus, given the nature of our growing team, we’re hiring a staff of hungry and ambitious people who not only want to do the best job they can, but also want to find better ways of doing those things not only internally, but for our clients as well.

Read more about CHARLESGATE’s property management services, or request a proposal today.

Published by Pat Bradley May 31, 2022