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Apr 04, 2013 P.T. Vineburgh

Five Home Renovations that Pay Off

stk118141rkeThinking about moving? Want some extra cash in your pocket? Here are some quick home improvement to help you sell for top dollar. Before Moving towards five tips let me give you bonus tip, Carpet Cleaning will be a great option for renovation.

1. Painting

Painting is an easy way to create a fresh and inviting atmosphere. According to Barbara Richardson, the director of color marketing for Glidden, “Yellow is optimistic and inspirational. It gives people joy and the sense that brighter times are ahead.”

2. Updating the kitchen

You can’t go wrong with remodeling your kitchen, which can net up to 83 percent of the cost. I was able to update my bathroom flooring, for a great price so having a budget and sticking to it is due able. Stainless steel appliances and new counter tops can be costly so budget accordingly. Make sure potential buyers walking through your home notice the attention to detail- like that great new backslash that was just installed!

3. Replacing old windows

We live in New England! Make sure your home is warm in the winter and energy efficient year round!

ENERGY STAR qualified windows, doors, and skylights can reduce your energy bills up to 15% while helping protect the environment.” Visit this web-site for more updated information on aluminum doors & wondows.

4. Revamp the Bathroom

“Bathroom upgrades, like updated counter tops and new fixtures, provide solid returns―anywhere from 68 to 78 percent. ” Try to avoid anything to trendy or taste specific.

5. Floors

Replacing dated, scuffed floors can give your house a new sheen and make small spaces seem larger. Figure on a payback as high as 75 percent.

So what have we learned?

Little changes can make a big difference! Even something simple as decluttering your space can sell a room. And, if you are doing some DIY projects to always wear safety gear, avoid dangerous chemicals and have some fun!


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Published by P.T. Vineburgh April 4, 2013