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Mar 23, 2022 Pat Bradley

Cameron Lewis Promoted to Property Manager

CHARLESGATE is excited to announce the promotion of Cameron Lewis to Property Manager. 

Cameron joined our team in 2021 when CHARLESGATE began management of One Chestnut Place, where he had previously been working for a year and a half. Working as a Concierge, Cameron thrived in the role for over two years, slowly taking on more administrative and tenant-facing responsibility throughout his time working in the building. Now, he’ll serve as property manager for One Chestnut Place and other CHARLESGATE properties after earning his promotion. In addition to working full-time, he’s also a full-time student at the University of Rhode Island where he studies Business Management.

“When I first met Cameron he was here as a concierge and after multiple conversations with him and seeing the things he would do outside his position as concierge – like taking the initiative on just about anything – I just really saw something in him,” said Andrea Martel, Associate Director. “He’s in college, he’s smart, bright, young, motivated … He has the drive. He foresees his future and knows what he has to do to go out and grab that, and I think that he’s doing that. He just has the drive, I can’t say enough good things about him.”

At One Chestnut Place, Cameron immediately stepped in and provided a welcome, familiar face to residents. Combined with a can-do attitude and a constant willingness to help, he’s been a difference maker at the property. 

“He’s a good problem solver. He’s very professional and well spoken,” Andrea continued. “If he doesn’t know the answer, he’s OK to ask questions – which is always very welcomed. He’s just super professional, friendly, and well-liked. And that’s what CHARLESGATE is looking for: people who are smart and have the ability to problem solve while maintaining a friendly relationship with staff, residents, and owners.

“He’s only been doing this for a short time and with no background (in property management) – I give him a lot of credit. He just jumped right into it and is killing it. He’s a rockstar. I love working with him.”

For Cameron, the growth and opportunity to take the next steps in his career are exciting.

“I’m looking forward to gaining more insight and knowledge of what goes into property management and real estate,” he explained. “This (promotion) allows me to learn more. I’m able to be mobile, talk to more people. It’s just picking up new things and constantly learning.”

Cameron understands the importance of his job – as a property manager, you’re working at somebody’s home. There’s a real opportunity to make an impact on their day-to-day lives.

“I see it definitely helping owners with communication,” he said. “I’ve stepped in and reassured them and gained their trust. I think they’re really benefiting from someone communicating effectively with them and managing their properties. And you’re getting someone who is very organized and dedicated to getting the work done.”

Cameron’s also appreciative that his effort is recognized.

“It definitely gives me confidence, especially seeing not only me – there's a lot of people within the company getting promoted really quickly,” he said. “When CHARLESGATE took over at One Chestnut Place, within the next week we had a company-wide Harbor Cruise. I went on that cruise and met everybody, and being on the cruise and meeting everyone and hearing their stories gave me a lot of confidence.”

While it’s clear he’s taken that confidence and run with it en route to earning his new role, he’s also grateful for the CHARLESGATE teammates he’s surrounded with who have helped him succeed along the way.

“I definitely enjoy the people,” he began. “Everybody comes with a smile on their face, everybody’s here to help, and they make that known within the company. There’s a lot of resources. Some people might be afraid to ask questions, but with this company I never feel nervous or stupid to ask a question about something I don’t know. They’re always willing to help.”

A few of his colleagues in particular really helped pave the way for his success – and in turn, his ability to provide his customary fantastic service to clients.

“Before taking on the position the resource I had was Andrea (Martel),” Cameron explained. “She allowed me to sit in on her day to day, see what she’s doing so I could be prepared, and also allowed me to take on more interactions with tenants and understand how leases work.

“Todd (Mikelonis, Senior Director of Property Management) let me take on more responsibility and manage the building more early on, too. And Ross (Orlando, Client Experience Manager)  answers questions literally 24/7. I’ve never been trained the way Ross trained me. He has a way of letting you take your time to learn, he’s straightforward with process and what needs to be done.”

For someone early in his career, the guidance Cameron has received has been invaluable. Overall, he says it’s the people that have been the best part of his CHARLESGATE experience.

“I love the people, I love the atmosphere and what they do for the employees, and I feel like they stress doing things for their employees a lot,” Cameron said. “They definitely show a lot of employee appreciation and just continually provide opportunities. That’s what I really love about being here.”

Interested in joining CHARLESGATE’s amazing group of people yourself? Check out our careers page for more information about us and to see our open jobs!

Published by Pat Bradley March 23, 2022